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Our mission is to professionally train dogs to help people and enhance lives while maintaining a lifelong commitment to all dogs we rescue or breed and the people we serve.

  • “Lileu [Hearing Assistance Dog] gives me the confidence to engage in conversation with strangers and acquaintances, to travel solo, live alone and even just to leave my house.” 
    — SHAYNA, Connecticut
  • “The tremendous benefit and peace of mind that Dogs for the Deaf provides families and the children with Autism is one of the greatest gifts you can bring to our modern day society.  Thank you for all that you do!”
    — NELSON, SHELBY (dog), and CALEB; Oregon
  •  “I love your organization and everything you do for dogs and people.  My mother and several friends have hearing loss.  I believe Dogs for the Deaf will help people with hearing loss and their families have an easier time.” 
    — LAINEY, New Jersey
  • “I want to help people who are deaf or who have a hearing loss to know a greater freedom and sense of safety and independence.” 
    — ILA, California
  • “Ian’s [Autism Assistance Dog] size isn’t just helpful with tethering; it helps with applying pressure, which comforts Parker [son] during stressful times.  He’s not only the right dog for our family, but his relationship with Parker is intimate, and he knows his needs.” 
                            — EMILIE (mother), Oregon
  • “We believe Dogs for the Deaf is the best organized and administered charity we are aware of and for this reason we have elected to make it the single recipient of our giving program.” 
    — WAYNE and MARY (The Trail Dusters, Oregon Good Sam Club), Oregon


  • “Wellie [Hearing Assistance Dog] has changed my whole life by forcing me out of my comfort zone.  Together we have done things and gone places I never would of wanted to have done in the past.  She is my guardian, my comfort, and best friend.”
    — JEN, Client and Ambassador; Pennsylvania
  • “I have worked with Dogs for the Deaf for more than 25-years in several capacities. Not once have I questioned the professional care the dogs have received nor the compassion and dedication of each and every one of their staff.   To me as a veterinarian, their organization is a “win-win” for people and pets!”
    — DR. BRADFORD FRANK, Jacksonville Veterinary Hospital; Oregon
  • “Bueno (Hearing Assistance Dog) has made a huge difference in my brother’s life.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the work this organization is doing and the positive effect it has on so many people.”
    — STAN WHITE, Alaska
  • “Dinero [Autism Assistance Dog] is more than just a dog to Jack [client]. He is his confidant, best friend, and grounding agent when the world appears so vast and unyielding.  Thank you for finding us.”
    — WHITNEY, Oregon

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