Nelson – Teacher’s Pet

11.17.11 024 (Small)_0Date: Thu, 11/17/2011

Dogs For The Deaf has placed a Program Assistance Dog at Ashland Middle School. “Nelson” will be helping Janet Voorheis’ special education class, which currently has 9 children.

The dog is trained to help focus the students, and its trainer says the animal has a calming effect for the special needs children in the class. Voorheis says some students have already shown improvement since the dog has been in the classroom.

“He will interact with them in a way that’s much more comfortable for them, so they might make eye contact with a dog where they wouldn’t necessarily make eye contact with humans,” says Voorheis.

This is the first Program Assistance Dog that has been placed by Dogs For The Deaf. Nelson was also inducted into the Oregon VMA Hall of Fame! You can read more about that terrific honor HERE.

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